The best side dishes and beverages for your Pozole

Reinas! Es tiempo de llenar nuestras mesas con la riqueza del pozole! This Mexican comfort food, with a kick, can be seen on many Mexican tables. Some people say that pozole is stronger than chicken noodle soup in knocking out colds and the flu. My abuelita would proudly agree with that statement.

Pozole is a savory soup that typically has three variations: red, green and white. The consistent ingredient in each of these soups is the hominy. Did you know that the word pozole in Náhuatl means hominy? That’s a fairly easy way to name this dish! If I were to name it though, I would have called it sopa de los dioses because the ancient Americans believed that the gods made humans out of masa. That makes us the consentidos of the gods, no?

While it is usually served during celebrations like birthdays, weddings, quinceañeras and other special occasions it is not uncommon to eat it on a day like any other. Pork or chicken is usually included in this soup, unless you’re vegetarian. Y pues mis reinas for that, we have frijoles.  See, we have ways to make everyone’s belly happy!

Pero Juanita, con que se sirve? Ay! Of course! You may be making your own batch of pozole or serving one of my very special varieties of pozole so you’re thinking, what to serve with it. Well, never fear reinas Juanita’s is here!

Pozole is usually served with the staples every kitchen should have; limón, onion, radishes, aguacate, cilantro and jalapeño. Usually I like to serve pozole in a large bowl and have smaller the ramekins filled with all these options and sometimes cabbage in the center of the table so that everyone has the freedom to add what they wish and make it their own.  How do you like your pozole?

To tortilla or not? Bueno, it depends on you. I’ve known tias who serve their pozole with tortillas and others with bolillos, the most common are tostadas or tortilla chips. This soup really pairs well with pretty much anything. My personal favorite is the bolillo with mantequilla dipped in the rich, savory broth. Ay! Que antojo!

And what should we drink? Well if you are a wine connoisseur, a pino gris would pair well with any of the pozole variations. If you’re more of a beer aficionado, an IPA or a brown ale both stand up to the savory richness of this soup. For those who don’t drink alcohol, no se preocupen, I have options for you too! My personal favorite is agua fresca de tamarindo and coming in at a very close second is agua mineral con limonada. Some people prefer agua de jamaica but I personally love the lemon lime flavor in the agua mineral con limonada. If the pozole is too spicy, you can leave out the fizz in favor of something without the extra bubbles like an agua fresca.  

No meal is complete without el postre. Para mí, I’ll take churros with a nice cup of Mexican hot chocolate or café de olla. If you’re having several people over, this option works well but so does a nice choco-flan. Choco flan combines the smooth and creamy flavor or flan with the rich and decadent texture of a chocolate cake. It’s a chocolate cake and a flan in one and it’s amazing! If you’d rather stick with something cool after enjoying a warm soup, try cinnamon ice cream with mini churros or a lime pie with whipped cream on top. This option works well for those of you who really like your pozole spicy.

Reinas, whatever you decided to pair your pozole with, the most important part to remember is the people who get the gift of your meal. The garnishes and sides for the pozole are interchangeable. The laughter, the jokes, and the stories are irreplaceable.

Nos vemos en la cocina!

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