Food Brings People Together

In every country, culture and family food bring people together. There are multitudes of restaurants, food trucks, bodegas, sports arenas, movie theatres, airports…all filled with different foods. There are Food Networks, blogs about food, and even food critics! Te imaginas? We have built industries around food and cultures use food to share the most unique part of their identity with the world!

Bueno Reynas, being Mexican is no different. Our food is beautifully woven in the fabric of our identity, our history, and our beautiful people. You can travel to many places in the world and find a Mexican restaurant, verdad? People love our food and our flavors, and rightly so! Our food is rich with a history that blends the indigenous with the European and continues to adapt and expand its flavor profile. It is also tightly connecting the fiber of our families. So many of my childhood memories involve being in the kitchen with my abuela, my tías and my mom learning how to make the dishes that were passed down.  

Sharing food and recipes within the family is a beautiful tradition in our culture, there is a huge social component to food. It’s not uncommon to see several people in the kitchen preparing a meal together. Food isn’t just about sitting down and eating, it’s a reason to come together.   Family, friend, and community sharing laughter and experiences with one another over something we all need. It’s also about tradition. Some of the recipes that we most enjoy today have been passed down and become cultural traditions that we keep alive. That’s a lot of history, mis Reynas! What an honor to continue these traditions as our families grow.

At Juanita’s, we are committed to providing authentic high-quality food at a reasonable price because we value family, tradition, unity and the importance of what food represents at our table. We work endlessly to create varieties that represent our culture and traditions while catering to different preferences so that when families come together there is something for everyone! Most importantly of all is our families and being true to our Mexican roots and keeping our traditions alive. As you gather around your table today to enjoy your favorite Juanita’s dish, take some time to express gratitude for all we have and the privilege we all share to enjoy food. Food brings people together, but the reason is the love we feel and share with those around us!

I’ll see you soon in the kitchen, Reynas!

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