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Reinas! The time has come to celebrate the men in our lives. Did you know that Father’s Day is celebrated in many parts of the world? We recognize the importance of honoring the good men around us and for Mexicans, nothing is more an important than la familia, verdad? Unity, spending quality time together and honoring our fathers or father figures by showing how much we love them can be a great experience as we include the whole family.

How do we choose the right gift or experience, you ask; well, finding the right gift for our padres can be tricky because one size doesn’t fit all, verdad? It’s not like hitting the piñatawhere you get what comes out y di que te fue bien. No, mis reinas, it takes planning and consideration because our fathers, brothers and husbands can have many different likes and dislikes. Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show them how much we appreciate what they do for the family and to make them feel consentido on their special day!

The key is getting a gift that they will appreciate and appeals to the things they enjoy doing.
Some dads like to to work outsite or sit around and relax. Others are athletic and like to run or participate in team sports like soccer. A lot of men in my family love to grill their special carne asadas for the family but really because I’ve learneddiscovered over the years that it’s because most men are happy when they eat “panza llena, corazón contento!

Still not sure what to get the important dad in your life, bueno pues, las escucho loud and clear and I promise there is a unique gift to be found for each and every special man in our lives.

Por ejemplo, my father, is an academic. He loves learning and books. But he also likes the outdoors! When I was a little girl, he would bring barbacoa on Sundays before church and a bag full of pan dulce. Ay! My mouth salivates just thinking about it! My favorites were the puerquito y la oreja. Qué rico! Now that I’m older, he still brings both of those delicious items when we visit, but now he spends some time in the kitchen too! Mis reinas, can you believe that my padre has become an expert at cooking things like calabaza con pollo? Qué suerte tiene mi madre! But you know what? It’s Father’s Day, and even a man who likes being in the kitchen deserves a break. My father’s favorite? I think if I had to choose, I’d make him mole. It has just the right amount of chocolate and especias to make any man’s belly happy and full.

But, if I had to choose a meal for my abuelito, que en paz descanse, I would choose the pork chile verde. My abuelito always had an air of mystery around him. He would play Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman on his record player while teaching us how to play barajas. He would never leave his house without a three-piece suit, his sunglasses and a hat. He looked like a movie star. His favorite meal was chile relleno and my grandmother, although allergic to the chile, would make it for him anyway. That much mystery and panache definitely get the pork chile verde.

Mis reinas, the important thing to remember for El Día de los Padres, is how grateful we are to have these strong hard working men in our lives. It doesn’t matter if they like fishing, the outdoors, watching movies, gardening or everything in between because in the end like como bueno Latinos the thing that matters most to them is La familia. While we honor and respect the men in our lives every day, this is a special day just for them where we can show them a little extra love and care. Y saben qué? I’m available for whatever your padre likes for his special day. Ahí las espero, con lata y abundancia. Feliz día a los reyes de nuestras familias!

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